Rancho 5000 VS 9000: Which One is Best for Your Jeep?

Maintaining the right height on the road with maximum terrain is difficult for the jeep owners. So, you need to choose between Rancho 5000 and 9000. The addition of a good suspension increases the efficiency of jeeps to perform on terrains twofold. Other than this, you will witness a significant reduction in the bouncing movement of jeeps after adding RANCHO suspensions.

Maintaining the right height on the road with maximum terrain is difficult for the jeep owners. So, you need to choose between Rancho 5000 and 9000.

The addition of a good suspension increases the efficiency of jeeps to perform on terrains twofold. Other than this, you will witness a significant reduction in the bouncing movement of jeeps after adding RANCHO suspensions.

Yes, you heard it right!

Rancho has been a winner for decades because of the performance it adds to the jeep’s speed. So, Rancho has released a worthy series of suspensions to add much more to the sustainability and stability of your jeep’s tires on rough roads. But, choosing only between Rancho 5000 and 9000 is more than a headache.

Don’t worry; let’s make you choose one by giving a detailed comparison in the guide below.

Brief Comparison: Rancho 5000 vs. 7000 vs. 9000

Undoubtedly, each suspension among Rancho 5000, 7000, and 9000 seems like the necessary addition to any jeep to cope with the terrain. But the choice of one option for better compatibility depends on your needs. If you are a daily driver and don’t go off-road most often, then choosing Rancho 5000 will do fine for you! It comes with more than enough features to provide stability with a good road experience.

But, if you want a bit extra concerning your road experience on off-road surfaces or roads with high terrain, Rancho 9000 performs the best. It is observed to give a sustainable adjustment with a smoother OE ride on all types of tough roads.

FeaturesRancho 5000Rancho 7000Rancho 9000
DebutReleased in 1985Released in 2011Released in 2014
Surface DesignPresence of low pressure-charged twin-tube bodyHigh-pressure nitrogen gas charge with a monotube designPresence of shocks jeep JK with gas charged
DimensionsComes with long length of 21 inches46mm bore monotube construction24.2 by 3.3 by 3.3 inches
Piston LengthRanges up to 35mm diameterRanges up to 1.97 inch (50mm) diameterRanges up to 60mm
Overall Weight4 pounds5 pounds7 pounds
Gas-Pressurized MechanicsNoYesPresence of a tough gas chamber
Protective Boot CompatibilityPresentPresence of a protective bootFully equipped
Valving SetupPresence of 10 stage valving10-stage velocity sensitive valving9 levels of valving
Vehicle TypePerfect for on-road trucks and SUVsFor on-road and off-road jeeps, trucks and SUVsFor on-road and off-road jeeps, trucks and SUVs
Mileage50-70K miles50-95K miles50-100K miles

We are sure that you’ll 100% agree that Rancho 5000 stands out in the comparison. Their undeniable compatibility with the stock height and moderate towing in the jeep is the primary reason. However, there’s a noticeable difference in the mileage of these three Rancho suspensions when you stay on-road. But, the addition of Rancho at the front and back seats of the jeep will give you a steady ride.

In addition to all these plus points, Rancho 5000 wins this comparison because of the presence of a steering stabilizer. It is a bit heavy. Thus, adding a steering stabilizer to your jeep will enhance the wheeling experience. Other than this, you will love using the presence of nine different levels of valve adjustment.

Overview of the Specifications of Rancho RS5000

Rancho 5000 VS 9000

An amazing fact that you must know about Rancho Rs5000 is that it comes with compatible yet progressive engagement valves. It is available with the addition of rebound and compression discs. Thus, there is no need for you to worry about the engagement of eccentric discs at lower frequencies.

It also maintains the enforcement of hydraulic fluid because of the presence of the twin-tube body. This body design is available with a base valve and the main piston. All these fantastic features of Rancho RS5000 never fail to dampen the movement of your truck or jeep over high terrain roads.

Easy to install in all types of vehiclesIt is not dirt-free
Offers full replacement
Provides a good value for money

Rancho Rs5000 vs. RS5000x

Commonly, the successor always comes with some amendments that make it win the users’ trust. Thus, the same is the case with Rancho RS5000 and RS5000X. Regarding Rancho RS5000, it is considered a mere hydro-damped absorber with high compression levels.

But, when we compare RS5000x to RS5000, the former is gas-charged. Thus, its domes have about 150 psi gas charge. In this way, the overall expansion of the rod is visible to the users. In contrast, the hydro-damped absorbers of RS5000 are unable to expand automatically.

Overview of the Specifications of Rancho RS7000

Rancho RS7000

One of the most notable features of Rancho RS7000 is that it is known both for its performance and appearance in the jeeps. With a 1.97 diameter, it can easily adjust to the parts of your vehicle. It also marks some standards by offering a quicker damping response time.

You will also love the addition of a monotube design in it. This monotube design comes with a high-pressure nitrogen gas charge. Besides, it also offers the availability of ten-stage velocity-sensitive valves. These valves never fail to provide tuning for each vehicle.

Creates more pressure within the gas chamberIt is very large to fit in some vehicles
Provides greater feedback at bumps
Offers firmness over heavy-duty bumpers

Overview of the Specifications of Rancho RS9000

Rancho RS9000

This Rancho suspension is available with almost nine different levels of knobs. These nine performance levels allow the users to get customized damping control both for on and off-road conditions. The nitrogen gas pressure up to 120 psi best minimizes the air-to-oil mixture.

Furthermore, it comes with an 18mm nitro-carburized piston rod. This piston rod plays the leading role in resisting scuffs and corrosion. It seems like a perfect addition for lifted trucks, SUVs, and even jeeps. In this way, having a steady ride in off-road conditions isn’t a problem.

Offers easy adjustment in vehiclesKnobs are a little sketchy
Provides a smooth ride off-road
Comes with a monotube steering stabilizer

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Necessary For Rancho Shocks Installation Instructions?

Some of the standard installation instructions for Rancho are:

  • Try to jack up the rear portion of the truck with any car’s jack stand. It will be present under the frame.
  • Now, keep the car jack in a position that is present under the rear axle
  • Try to increase the height of the axle up to the shocks so that they aren’t under pressure
  • Loosen the lower shock bolt for any type of shock by using a socket wrench
  • Try to loosen the upper shock with the help of a socket wrench
  • Now, pull out the old surprise and replace it with a new one
  •  After replacing the old shock, adjust the level of the shock
  • The shock must align with the lower hole of the bolt
  • Tighten both upper and lower bolts by using a torque wrench

How Can I Adjust the Rancho 9000Xl?

You can easily adjust Rancho 900XL by turning the dial in a counter-clockwise direction to soften it. Now, move it in the clockwise direction to stiffen the adjustment.

Where Can I Find Authentic Rancho 5000 Shocks Reviews?

You can find the authentic Rancho RS5000 Shocks reviews on amazon. Users leave their real-life experiences there. Both negative and positive ratings are available. So, make sure to briefly read the reviews before purchasing Rancho RS5000.

Fox Vs. Rancho, Which One Is Better?

No doubt, Rancho plays the leading role in maintaining the steadiness of vehicles. But, Fox comes with high-speed damping. This feature makes the users prefer it over Rancho regardless of many parts.

What Is The Difference Between Rancho RS5000 And RS5000X?

The primary difference between Rancho RS5000 and RS5000X is that the former comes with a newly improved gas-charged unit. This gas-charged unit isn’t present in the previous option – RS5000. In addition to this, both these options are available with a different monotube shock.

Which Shock Is Better, Bilstein Or Rancho?

Bilstein comes with a sturdier shock as compared to Rancho. The primary reason behind this fact is a monotube construction in it. In addition, Bilstein has a high-pressure gas. Compared to this, Rancho comes with low-pressure gas responsible for smoother operation.

Which Shocks Are Better, Skyjacker Or Rancho?

No doubt, Rancho suspensions aren’t much stiff compared to Skyjacker’s. But still, Rancho comes with a better shock control system. In this way, they can be used to make bouncing so much better.

How Long Do Rancho 9000 Shocks Last?

Rancho 9000 comes with a broader range of feedback regarding its durability. However, they can last for 50-100k miles. They are known for longer adjustability and dialing while providing the ultimate comfort to the jeep users.

Is Rancho RS5000X Any Good?

Yes, Rancho 5000X is considered a good investment for those who want to try both on and off-road tractions. It plays the leading role in providing a grounded ride with a highly improved dive. Almost all users are delighted with the final results.

Do Rancho Shocks Lift Your Truck?

Yes, Rancho shocks come with the ability to lift your truck while maintaining handling and performance. These shocks can lift the vehicles on and off-road.

Are Rancho Shocks Good For Towing?

Yes, Rancho shocks are perfect for towing your vehicle. They can do this because of the presence of high-quality shock absorbers. Other than this, you can enjoy the access to adjust the compression valving within the shock. An adjustable knob is used for this purpose.

What Shocks Give The Smoothest Ride?

Some of the commonest shocks famous for providing the smoothest ride include the Bilstein B4 series, KYB Excel-G services, and Monroe OESpectrum.

Final Verdict: So, Which One Is The Best For Your Jeep?

After a deep analysis of the above comparison, it is concluded that Rancho RS9000 stands out on the list among Rancho RS5000 and RS7000. They are famous for providing a sustainable ride with high adjustability. Jeep riders can enjoy OE rides on off-terrains after installing it.

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