Jeep XJ 2 Inch Lifting Guide In 2022

This is a comprehensive Jeep XJ 2 Inch Lifting Guide. Be sure to read the full blog to know all about it.

Suspension lift installation in an off-road vehicle is a challenging as well as a rewarding project. If you want to give the Jeep XJ a 2-inch lift, you must have thought of a new vehicle. You do not need to worry; the best XJ 2 inches lift kits are available to offer your well-loved jeep. Your jeep will get enough suspension to reach a height of 7 inches.

This article is valuable for newbies more than experts because we aim to mention basic and trivial information about this topic. Moreover, you will also get the idea of types of lifts and some suitable jeep lift kits for your convenience. If you are looking for information regarding extreme options for jeep XJ lifts for future endeavors, you are at the right place.

The Basics of Jeep XJ 2 Inch Lift

If your search for jeep suspension, and lifting and have landed on this article implies that you already know about suspension and lifting. It seems like you have seen somebody’s lifted jeep and was inspired to do it with your vehicle as well.

However, it is possible that some of you do not know even beginner-level basics of jeep lifting in general or jeep XJ lift specifically. Therefore, before jumping to the kits, we have come up with a crash course to the smooth process.

· Crash Course on Lifting

Before learning how to apply suspension and lift the vehicle, let’s understand the concept of lifting and its impact on the jeep’s performance. In simple words, lifting is the system to increase the vehicle’s suspension a little bit or to a greater extent to make it eligible to run smoothly on rough off-roads.

As we know, a 2-inch lift kit does not give XJ and Grand Cherokee jeep extreme suspension, but it gives a slight boost to conquer minor off-road challenges. Some cars and jeeps come pre-lifted from the manufacturer’s hand because these are specially designed for off-road use. However, this is not the case for XJ, so the jeep lift kit is the only option.

Lifting not only improves the performance of vehicles off-road, but it also makes the keep log bigger, even bulkier. Many people opt for the lift kit just to enhance visual aesthetics. Conversely, visuals are not the only reason behind the jeep XJ 2 inches, as it opens the door for better struts and bigger tires. These new installments will provide better stability and ground clearance for off-roading. Above all, it is beneficial as it allows you to add bigger tires.

The 2-inch lifting offers some minor changes to enhance the performance and look of the jeep. You can do more with different types of lifting.

Types of Lifts

There are different types of lifting that can be applied to your XJ jeep. It varies according to the suspension ranging from 2 to 3 inches, increasing to 6.5 inches. Accordingly, you can find the best kits. But before you rush to buy the lift kit, a bit more information regarding types of lifting is necessary. Let’s jump to it.

· 1 – 3 inch Lift Jeeps Body up and Spacers

It is ideal for beginners, as well as its affordable price, makes it a considerable choice. The Jeep XJ itself is quite large apparently, and a 2 to 3-inch lift can easily make it better at a low price. A body lift will require extra dollars to add extra space between your car’s body and the frame.

It may sound easy, as it is for beginners, but practically it is not! You are supposed to install extensions that may need professional tools as well as assistance. Here is something that you need to take into consideration about this that is entirely used for appearance purposes. It does not add to the ground clearance or provide any additional benefits on off-roads.

Conversely, the kit spacers can provide you with 1 to 2 inches of support in your vehicle’s ground clearance and do not demand significant alterations. In short, you just need to place spacers on the top of the coil springs to lift the jeep. It is one of the typical and cheap methods for jeep XJ to increase the tire size.

For spacer and body, you need to spend some extra dollars, but we suggest you spacers because they are the better option in terms of cost than the XJ body lift kit.

· 3.5-6.5 Inch lifts: Medium to Extreme lifting – Coil Spring lift, Short Arm lift, and Long Arm lift

Selective knowledge is half poison, but extra information does not harm you. This guide primarily focuses on jeep XJ 2-inch lift kits, but we thought to add some extra information to your dictionary. However, if you are actually an off-road enthusiast and are not just willing to put on bigger tires and enhance your visual aesthetic, opting for this type is your way.

With extra benefits, you need to pay a bit extra. Keep in mind that this is not a budget-friendly option. It is a bit expensive for the Jeep XJ 2-inch lift kit. However, as we have started its discussion, let’s analyze it with every scratch.

This coil spring lift is a budget-friendly as well as easy to install option. Indeed, it is not as cheap as a 2-inches lift kit, but it will provide your vehicle lift up to 1.5 to 3.5 inches. All that you need to do is to add soil springs and suspension to a greater extent and experience some good off-roading experience.

The next lift worth discussing we have in mind is short arm and long arm lifts. Both of these lifts are on the most favorite list of off-road enthusiasts. The XJ jeep lift with these types can actually do wonders on off-roads. Short arm lift kits include coil springs with longer front and rear control arms. It will help you lift the vehicle to 3 to 6 inches. Moreover, these kits have a noticeable effect on the jeep suspension. Therefore, using them as the daily driver is not recommended because you will feel the significant difference between the driving and center of gravity.

Jeep XJ 2 Inch Lift Kit Recommendations

After learning about types and lifting methods, your interest must have been boosted. You must be thinking about the medium to extreme lifts. However, providing the jeep with a 2-inch lift can help you make the space fit a large tier and enhance the overall appearance of the jeep.

Moreover, you can also get increased ground clearance. With a bit of influence on your bank account, you can lift the jeep XJ and make it eligible for 32 inches or maybe 32 inches tiers on your car. However, before buying the kit, an understanding of life and suspension is not enough. You need to consider many other factors, most importantly the installation ease and build quality. As this kit is a suspension component, it majorly impacts the vehicle.

However, when it comes to the quality suspension components of a jeep, some well-known and high-end brands come to mind. For example, supreme suspension, rough country, etc. But, it is pretty challenging to find the entire 2-inch lift kit for jeep XJ from such brands. Therefore, if you want to lift the car from all four tiers, you need to visit supreme suspensions, while if you are satisfied with the suspension from the back, Rough Country should be your choice.

Full Lift Kit for 1984-2001 Jeep Cherokee XJ Supreme Suspension (Recommended)


Position: Front and Rear

Weight: 10 pounds

Material: Alloy Steel

Maximum Lifting: 3 inches

For 2-inch suspension lift kits, the supreme suspension is one of the best brands and competitors in the market. It can perfectly fit all four-wheel-drive XJ’s. This suspension kit comes with high-density Delrin as well as heavy-duty steel components. Moreover, in the package, you get high-strength steel lift shackles, 2 Delrin spring spaces, and four transfer case drop spacers. These components have been manufactured under restricted inspection to ensure high quality and accurate alignment.

Most people buy the kit to install it yourself. Therefore, installation quickly plays a significant role. This note is not very beginner-friendly and requires a bit of technical knowledge. However, this is not a product that requires entirely professional assistance, but still a trick for complete beginners. The kit comes with installation instructions and hardware but only lacks shackle bolts. But this is not the aspect that we can consider ignoring this kit. You can use M14 2.0 120mm length grade bolts.

This suspension kit has the ability to maintain factory-level riding quality for a long time after installation. It does not consume much time; it just requires the effort of 3 to 4 hours. In short, this DIY jeep XJ 2-inch lift kit can enhance a vehicle’s performance off-road. Moreover, it improves your ground clearance and visual aesthetics, allowing you to install 31 or 32 inches tiers.

Greased bushingThe package does not contain shackle bolts
Give high performance
Maintain factory-level high quality
Affordable lift kit
Shackles tightly and firmly fit in the frame
You can install it yourself

Installation tips and tools on Jeep XJ 2 Inch Lift Kit

Once you have decided to make a lift and got the best jeep XJ 2-inch lift kit, it is time to install the lifting parts. It is not the job of newbies, but if you want to try, these tips will be really helpful.

First of all, you are supposed to ensure that you have all the equipment to perform the installation task. If you are doing it yourself, get all the necessary equipment because a 5 minutes break after every step will affect the process. Therefore, here is the list of all essential tools.

1. Compressor

2. Hammer

3. Strut

4. Torque

5. Jack

6. Jack stand

7. Wrench

8. 8 mm Allen

9. 5/8 inches socket/wrench

10.8mm, 10mm, 13mm, 18mm, 21mm wrench/socket

11.16 mm socket

12.19mm wrench

13.24mm wrench

14.32mm socket

The best thing is that you do not need to buy all this equipment; you can rent them from the local store. Moreover, if you are even making an appointment at the workshop to get the lift kit installed, it would be best to cross-check the availability of all tools. Besides that, installing a 2-inch lift kit is not as difficult and tricky as it seems and can be a fun project. In any case, basic vehicle maintenance knowledge is still mandatory.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is a good size lift for a jeep?

There is no thumb rule to answer this question by entitling the good size for a jeep. It all depends on your vehicle and your needs. The best jeep XJ lift size can be achieved when you have some criteria and goals in your mind. For example, what do you want to do with this jeep? Do you want to fit new tires, so you require suspension, or do you want to make it look better? And do you want to drive on-road and want to thrill off-road. It also depends on the kind of adventure you are planning. Will you take it on the muddy roads or go through rocky paths?

All these inquiries will help you decide on the lifting size for the jeep. In the lift mentioned above guide, we have mentioned all available and worthy options that you can consider.  

2. XJ 2-inch lift vs. No lift, which one is better?

Two inches or6.5 inches, lifting is actually an alteration of the stock suspension. With the additional suspension, you will feel fewer shocks on the road, but it depends on your need. If you adapt to the changes in driving and ride quality, then lifting can provide a better off-road experience, better looks, and increased tire size.

3. Should you opt for a cheap Jeep XJ lift kit?

Yes, it is better to get all the required features at a lower price. But, in case the cheaper version does not compromise on quality and performance. It never happen that cheap products offer premium quality. Therefore, read the reviews and go for premium products. Because your safety on the road relies on the vehicle and the vehicle’s safety relies on the components.

4. Is lifting dangerous for your ride?

Lifting is not at all dangerous for your ride as long as you do it professionally with high-quality parts. In order to ensure safety, you need to clean your vehicle thoroughly beforehand and clean all rusty spots.

5. Are factory kits better than Custom Jeep lift kits?

Factory kits are manufactured under the inspection of engineers and professionals. Therefore, they are for sure better in quality. But, when it comes to off-road capabilities, they have certain limitations. Hence, third-party one can perform much better because of versatility and customization.

6. Can a Jeep XJ 2-inch lift kit support 31s?

Yes, the Jeep XJ can feature a 31 inches tire. You just need a 2-inch coil spacer as well as shackles; jeep XJ can conveniently support it.

7. Can a Jeep Cherokee be lifted?

Yes, it can be lifted. This jeep named Cherokee got its name from its greater ground clearance and extensive wheelbase compared to typical compacts. These features make it one of the popular vehicles for off-roading.

8. Can you lift a Jeep Cherokee 2 inches?

It is the most common query because many owners wonder if it is possible to lift Cherokee 2 inches or not. However, it depends on the amount of lift you want for installation. 2 inches is standard, and most owners go for it. You can also choose if you do not want an impactful difference in driving.

9. Can you lift a Jeep Cherokee 3 inches?

Yes, jeep Cherokee can be lifted. In order to lift it up to 3 inches, you need to install new coils, leafs, and shocks if you do not want your jeep to sag.

10. Can you lift a Jeep Cherokee 4 inches?

Practically and technically, yes, but it is not recommended. If you want to lift Cherokee up to 4 inches, you will have to install aftermarket coil springs and shocks that are not strong enough to support the body’s weight. Moreover, the 4-inch lift is pretty risky that can result in mechanical collapse if it is not done carefully.

11. How long will it take to lift a Cherokee XJ?

The time required depends on how much you want to lift. If you plan to lift by utilizing a coil spring, it will take not more than 2 hours. However, on average, it consumes 3 to 4 hours.


If you are planning to lift the jeep and add suspension by yourself, this guide will be really beneficial for you. It covers basic information about the Jeep XJ 2-inch lift kit. This kit is helpful for different purposes, whether you want to take a jeep for off-road trill or enhance the jeep’s visual aesthetic. Moreover, the types of lifting and methods are mentioned to add up to your information that will assist you in the installation process.

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