How To Fit Jeep J 33 Inch Tires Stock Wheels [Detailed Guide]

When it comes to fitting 33-inch tires on a Jeep JK, there are a few things you need to take into account. In this article, we'll walk you through the entire process step-by-step. You'll need to raise your vehicle's suspension and use spacers or adapters to fit the bigger tires onto your stock wheels. You'll also need to adjust your gearing, as the larger tires will affect your Jeep's performance. If you're not comfortable with any of these tasks, we recommend seeking professional help.

When it comes to fitting 33-inch tires on a Jeep JK, there are a few things you need to take into account. In this article, we’ll walk you through the entire process step-by-step.

You’ll need to raise your vehicle’s suspension and use spacers or adapters to fit the bigger tires onto your stock wheels. You’ll also need to adjust your gearing, as the larger tires will affect your Jeep’s performance. If you’re not comfortable with any of these tasks, we recommend seeking professional help.

However, it’s definitely a job you can do yourself with the right tools and knowledge.


Jeep JK owners with a penchant for off-roading and long-distance travel will undoubtedly want to fit 33-inch tires on their Jeeps. After all, those tires will increase your Jeep’s traction and give you more ground clearance, enabling you to venture into rocky hillsides, sandy beaches, and other terrains that might have previously prevented you from taking your Jeep on a trail. Another benefit of fitting bigger tires is that it will increase the ground clearance of your vehicle. This makes it easier to climb and drive over obstacles.

Jeep JK Wrangler rolls on 33-inch tires. It can be done, but it requires planning and some basic skills. However, fitting 33-inch tires and wheels on a Jeep can be a daunting task, as it requires a considerable amount of time and knowledge.

You’ll also need a set of aftermarket wheels. For anyone that owns a Jeep Wrangler, it’s a no-brainer that it’s capable of being fitted with bigger tires. The 33-inch size is popular for off-roaders, campers, and casual drivers. It’s a rarity to find a Wrangler with anything other than 33-inch tires, but it’s possible.

The challenge is to fit these tires on a Wrangler. This article overviews fitting 33-inch tires on a Jeep Wrangler JK. We’ll also discuss aftermarket wheels, wheelbase modifications, and other vital considerations.

What are Stock Wheels?

There are all sorts of different types of wheels for cars. First, you have your standard steel wheels, alloy wheels, and fancy chrome wheels. But what are stock wheels?

In the simplest terms, stock wheels are a type of wheel that is commonly used as a factory OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) option on vehicles. They are aftermarket or replacement wheels designed to look like and/or replace the OEM versions that come on new cars and trucks. While this definition may seem simple enough, there is more to it than just a cursory glance.

Stock wheels are the factory-issued wheels that come on a car from the manufacturer. They’re typically made of steel or alloy, and they come in a variety of different styles and finishes. Most cars come standard with a stock wheel, but there are always exceptions. Stock Wheels are made by the manufacturer and are very similar replicas of the OEM wheels because the same material is used to manufacture these.

OEM wheels are of better compatibility to the vehicle than later bought aftermarket wheels. However, aftermarket wheels are designed to fit diverse cars, so they are not ideal if you are looking for specific wheels to fit your Wrangler JK.

What wheels fit a wrangler?

The stock wheels that come on a Jeep JK are 17 inches. Therefore, you can fit a 33-inch tire on your Jeep JK without modification. However, you will need to make minor changes to the fender flares to ensure the tires fit correctly.

The first step in figuring out whether your Jeep JK can fit 33-inch tires is to measure the wheelbase. The distance between the front and the back wheels is the wheelbase. To calculate it, simply measure the distance between the centres of the two front wheels and then measure the distance between the centres of the two back wheels. So, for example, if your Jeep JK has a 116-inch wheelbase or longer, it can fit 33-inch tires.

Jeep Wrangler Wheel Offset Guide

The Jeep Wrangler is a unique off-road vehicle that offers its drivers a variety of customization options. One of the most popular modifications is to change the wheel offset. Jeep Wrangler owners are some of the most passionate off-road enthusiasts around, and they often customize their vehicles to reflect their signature style.

Wheel offset is the distance from the wheel hub’s centre to the wheel’s mounting surface. This measurement is in millimetres and is represented by two numbers separated by a slash (/). Usually, for Jeep wranglers, the stock offset is 6.5 inches.

You should understand the working of offset and wheel width before choosing off-road wheels for your Wrangler. It can cause problems like rubbing if the offset is too high or too low. In addition, when you change the wheel offset, you are essentially changing the wheel’s position on the vehicle. This can affect many things, including how the Jeep handles and the amount of clearance when driving off-road.

Jeep wrangler stock tire sizes

The tire size of the jeep wrangler varies according to the model you own. The standard length of a factory-manufactured tire of Wrangler is 15″ -18″. In unique addition, Jeep wheels might have different sizes, but the rim size can be known by reading the sidewall markings of the tire. The offsets of most JK Wrangler Jeep Stock wheels are somewhere close to 6.25 inches.

Tire dimensions

So you just bought a Jeep JK Wrangler and are looking for some new tires. But with all the different sizes and types of tires available, which ones should you choose? We’ll walk you through the Jeep JK Wrangler tire dimensions and help you decide on the best tires for your vehicle.

The standard Jeep JK Wrangler tires are sized 245/75R17. This means that the tire’s width is 245 millimetres, its height is 75% of its width (or 179.5 millimetres), and its sidewall height is 17% of its width (or 41.45 millimetres). These dimensions are stamped on the sidewall of tires. They are the same for both the front and rear tires.

How to measure your Jeep JK Wrangler’s tires

The first step is to figure out the size of your Jeep’s tires. This is usually written on the tire’s sidewall and looks like P225/75R16. The first number (in this case, P225) is the tire’s width in millimetres, The second (75) is the aspect ratio or height of the sidewall as a percentage of the width, and the last number (16) is the wheel diameter in inches.

To determine the size of your tires in inches, simply divide the wheel diameter by 25.4 (the number of millimetres in an inch). So, in this example, your tires would be 16 inches wide, with a 75% aspect ratio and a diameter of 16 inches.

Find the right tires for your Jeep, JK Wrangler.

It’s essential to find the right tires for your Jeep JK Wrangler. If you don’t have the right tires, you could damage your vehicle and even cause an accident. That’s why it’s essential to know the Jeep JK Wrangler tire dimensions before shopping for new tires. The good news is that we have all the information you need right here on our website. We have a complete guide to Jeep JK wrangler tire dimensions, so you can find the perfect set of tires for your ride. We also carry a wide selection of tires, so you’re sure to find the ideal setting for your needs. So check out our selection today and find the right tires for your Jeep JK Wrangler!

There are many things to consider when it comes to Jeep JK Wrangler tire dimensions. Have you installed a lift kit on your Jeep? What size tires do you want? Do you need a raised wheel hub for your new tires? It can be hard to know where to start with so many options. That’s why we’ve put together this comprehensive guide to Jeep JK Wrangler tire dimensions – so you can find the perfect set of tires for your ride.

Reasons to upgrade the tire size

There are tons of modifications and upgrades you can make to your vehicle to enhance performance, off-road capabilities, and aesthetics for jeep accessories. One popular improvement is to upgrade to 33-inch tires. This can provide a lot of benefits, including:

Improved off-Road ability

Larger tires provide more ground clearance and traction, essential for off-road driving.

Improved appearance

Larger tires give your Jeep a more aggressive look and look taller and sleeker.

Enhanced handling

With larger tires, your Jeep will handle better on the road, both on and off-road. Our detailed guide will show you exactly how to fit 33-inch tires on your Jeep JK stock wheels if you’re considering this upgrade.

Jeep JK 33-inch tires stock wheels

Jeep JK Wrangler owners are always looking for ways to improve their rigs and make them their own. One of the most popular modifications is to install a set of larger tires. This can be accomplished by purchasing a new set of wheels or simply using taller spacers on the stock wheels. 33-inch tires seem to be the sweet and soft spot for many Jeep enthusiasts and will offer good performance both on and off-road while maintaining a relatively factory look.

However, for those looking to equip their Jeeps with larger tires, there is debate over the best option to go with aftermarket wheels or stick with the stock wheels.

Jeep Wrangler 33 inch tires – No Lift

Jeep Wrangler 33-inch tires are popular with off-road enthusiasts. They offer good performance on unpaved roads and better ride quality than the stock tires.

Let’s look at the best 33-inch tires for Jeep Wrangler with no lift and provide you with a buyer’s guide, discuss the pros and cons of installing Jeep Wrangler 33-inch tires without a lift and offer some tips for doing so safely.

However, installing them without a lift can lead to clearance problems and other issues. Many people lift their Jeep Wranglers so they can install bigger tires, but some don’t want to or can’t lift their Jeep. If you are one of those people, then 33-inch tires are a great option.  

Slight changes have to be made to install 33-inch wheels without lift. However, stock suspensions can be used if you are installing 33 inches for aesthetic purposes.

Off-road performance

The suspension system needs to be upgraded to install a larger tire size to improve the off-road performance of jeep wranglers. This will boost the off-road version as well. However, on off-road journeys, there are high chances of tires scrubbing off with the Jeep’s body, which will damage the vehicle.

You should install a lift for off-road adventures before installing the larger tire. But, if you will drive your wrangler on streets and roads, you do not have to install the charges. Lifts, in short, help keep your Jeep from getting damaged due to scrubbing in off-road journeys over rough and slippery surfaces.

Fuel consumption

Installing big wheels on Wrangler JK will hugely improve its aesthetics and grip. It also makes the off-road experience worth trying. However, will the pros, there are cons as well. On the flip side, the vast tires have a significant impact on the gas mileage of the wrangler. The fuel consumption increases with larger tires because the tires increase vehicle weight, eventually increasing the fuel consumption.

The large width and height of 33-inch wheels need more rolling resistance and drag to move smoothly. This causes more tire surface area to contact the road, increasing fuel consumption and decreasing mileage. In addition, rough surfaces further affect fuel consumption as more power is needed to move the vehicle.

One mile per gallon mileage decreases due to Wrangler JK’s heavyweight 33-inch tires.

Stock JK wheel backspacing

Backspacing of Jeep Wrangler JK is a crucial factor to keep in mind if you are considering fitting 33-inch tires. Backspacing is the distance from the rim centre to the inner side of the wheel and is measured in inches.

Backspacing can be positive or negative. For example, the Jeep tire is closer to its hub in positive backspacing while the wheel is pushed outwards in negative backspacing.

Wider tires are more compatible with negative backspacing because they will sit out. Backspacing decides whether there will be direct contact between the tire and the inner body of the Jeep. It can be compatible depending upon the dimensions of the tire.

Installing 33-inch tires on stock JK

You’ll want to consider a few things when choosing the best 33-inch tires for your Jeep JK. For starters, what is your wheel size? Not all 33-inch tires are compatible with all wheels, so you’ll want to be sure to double-check that. You’ll also want to think about your driving habits and what type of terrain you’ll be primarily driving on.

For example, we recommend a more aggressive tire if you’re mostly doing off-road driving. On the other hand, if you’re sticking to paved roads, a more versatile all-terrain tire might be a better option.

Frequently Asked Questions [FAQs]

Clear your mind regarding 33-inch tires stock wheels with FAQs.

How do 33-inch tires affect fuel consumption?

33-inch tires are broader and bigger; hence, they contact road and terrain more than standard wheels. These heavier tires also increase the weight of wrangler JK and increase fuel consumption, decreasing the mileage of the Jeep. The fuel consumption increases to 1mpg at minimum with 33-inch tires.

Does the JK have enough backspacing to accommodate 33″ tires?

Yes, the backspacing on stocks JK wheels is generally 6.25″, which is enough to accommodate 33″ tires. However, clearance of the front bumper becomes minimal because of factors like thickness, the tread pattern of the tire, and the mould design of the tire.

Will 33-inch tires scrub off-road on a stock JK?

The tires won’t scrub the body off-road if the suspension is installed in the wrangler. However, there are favourable chances that the body will get scrubbed if the rest is not upgraded.

Will 33″ tires affect the JK’s handling?

On the one hand, taller tires can provide additional clearance and better traction in off-road situations. They can also improve the aesthetics of your Jeep. However, larger tires can also affect the handling. The steering can feel heavier. The un-sprung weight gets reduced as well, lowering the workload on shocks. The sharpness of brakes might also decrease. The Jeep’s inertia gets disturbed, which eventually disturbs the balance and brakes. Yes, changes can be noticed by the instalment of 33-inch tires in the Jk Wrangler Jeep.

Can you fit 33 inch tires on a stock Jeep JK?

Yes, 33-inch tires can be fitted on stock Jeep Jk. however, the clearance of the front bumper decreases, affecting the full articulation of off-road drive.

Can I put 33-inch tires on my Jeep without a lift?

You can skip lifting to put 33-inches tires on your Jeep because the tires are not very wide for JK wrangler. However, the tire size must be compatible with the rim and should ensure enough fender clearance.


There are many benefits to fitting 33-inch tires on your Jeep JK. You will improve your vehicle’s performance and handling, but you’ll also enjoy an enhanced appearance. While it’s possible to fit 33-inch tires on your Jeep JK without any modifications, it’s always best to consult a professional to ensure that your vehicle can safely handle the extra size and weight. At Jeep JK 33 Inch Tires, we provide detailed guides on how to fit 33-inch tires on various Jeep models, so you can get the most out of your vehicle.

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