Duratrac vs KO2: Which One to Choose?

Tires are the most crucial aspect to pay attention to in the vehicle because they can break your bank.

Duratrac vs KO2: Tires are the most crucial aspect to pay attention to in the vehicle because they can break your bank. The tires of trucks and SUVs are not cheap, specifically those designed for all-terrain driving. A set of four tires can set you back around a thousand dollars. Hence, you should be confident and sure that you are getting the best functional tires.

A wide range of all-terrain tires manufacturers claim to produce the finest tires, but BF Goodrich and Goodyear stand out as two of the best with their Duratrac and KO2 lineup.

In Duratrac vs KO2, both designs mostly seem similar, but they have significant differences in their performance that set them apart. With thorough analysis and comparison, you can determine which one suits you the best.

Goodyear Wrangler Duratrac Overview

goodyear Wrangler Duratrac

Duratrac tires by Goodyear manufacturers are the best tires that give an exceptional performance during rainy weather. These tires are specifically designed for business vehicles, trucks, jeeps, and SUVs to give a smooth ride. Moreover, they consolidate the up-to-date innovations from Good year in order to provide drivers with a smooth ride on bumpy roads.

It is ideal to use throughout the year in all weathers on all terrains without disappointment. The seasonal obstructions like the rough road in the summer and heaps of snow in winter cannot stop the tire from delivering the best. These tires are designed like snow tires, but they have excellent grip over snow and muddy roads.

Duratrac tires are constructed with nylon support and two steel belts, which make them tough and solid, making them more durable. They ensure security with circumferential grooves of the tires made with tractive grooves to provide the additional biting edge.

They also incorporate the tread blocks at the center to improve tire performance in extreme weather. These blocks offer lateral stability and enhance traction. They come in various sizes ranging from 15 inches to 20 inches LT.

Gives good lookA bit noisy in dry terrains
Exceptional off-road and snow traction
It offers a smooth and comfortable ride
Durable tread

BF Goodrich KO2 Overview

BF Goodrich KO2

The BF Goodrich all-terrain KO2 tire is a rugged all-terrain tire specially designed for the rough road but to give a smooth drive. It is the successor of the previous most popular design of Good rich BF KO. However, the model has just been upgraded by incorporating innovative features to improve performance tremendously.

It comes with an incorporated interlocking tread block as well as a serrated sidewall design to improve biting force and grip in all extreme or rough conditions. Moreover, the tread in these tires is constructed to make them tear, chip, and cut-proof. This distinct feature makes it twice as durable as compared to BF KO. These amazing tires come with an exceptional footprint.

Unlike the wooden wagon wheels or typical passenger touring tires, the improved design offers comfortable rides. If you are already using the previous version of BF Goodrich tires, you might feel the similarity in pattern, but this is not true. This tire features new technology. This tire can easily compete with already running all-terrain tires and some muddy tires with enhanced tread pattern and design.

Amazing off-road performanceMake minimal noise on the road
Tough and durable tread
Outstanding traction on snow, dry and wet roads

Duratrac vs KO2: A Comprehensive Comparison of Following Factors

1. Steering and Comfort

By drawing the comparison of DuraTrac vs. KO2, it becomes easy to decide what tire will give you a smooth experience on the roads you often choose. However, people prefer all-terrain tires because they are eligible to give exceptional performance in all weathers and conditions. But all tires work best on specific roads.

Whether you are an on-road person or travel far from an off-road area, this information would assist you in choosing the best option.


If you often choose well-constructed and smooth roads, KO2 by Goodrich would be an ideal choice. The steering is convenient and responsive when you drive on the paved path, which is surprising with such wide tires. Moreover, the quietness and durability allow for traveling long distances without disappointment.

KO2 offers a smooth and relaxed ride on the paved path. The tires have minimal vibration and noise that are negligible. However, it has proven to be quieter when comparing KO2 vs. DuraTrac.


The comparison of KO2 and DuraTrac is pretty noisy and vibrates more. Moreover, in terms of comfort, KO2 is more comfortable. However, DuraTrac also offers a smooth ride on the highway, even at high speed. It does not vibrate to disturb you so that you can enjoy a relaxing ride.

DuraTrac is highly functional for off-road journeys. It creates sound, but it is quieter compared to traditional tires for muddy roads.

It is an excellent tire for on-road as well as off-road journeys, but there are some complaints about tire swaying. These complaints are registered mainly by heavy truck drivers. The sidewalls are not designed for heavy trucks. However, this problem may continue because these are all-terrain tires instead of mud road tires.

2. Performance

The performance of tires stands above all the features to consider. While making the comparison of all-terrain tires, it is essential to analyze their on-road and off-road performance. It will make your choice easy in selecting the best one.


The KO2 tire by Goodrich gives better performance on the roads. It also performs well off-road, but its grip is not satisfactory on mud and snow.

Whether you travel short distances or often travel on highways to pass the town, nothing can beat the incredible performance of KO2 tires. They have an impressively firm grip on wet as well as dry roads, allowing you to drive safely and confidently on rainy days. The addition of extra siping improves traction for extreme weather conditions.

While selecting between DuraTrac and KO2 tires, checking traction on snowy or muddy roads is important. However, KO2 has proven its exceptional grip and performance on snowy roads, but DuraTrac also claims to offer a seamless experience on snow.


As you already know, DuraTrac by Goodyear offers a smooth and quiet drive on-road. Moreover, these tires are an excellent choice for daily traveling. But this is not enough. The main reason to buy these tires is their excellent grip on snow and mud.

They do not offer a similar result as the specially designed mud tires, but if you want all-terrain tires with exceptional performance in mud and snow, DuraTrac is worth buying. The Off-road performance is also notable, but it is not recommended for extreme weather conditions like heavy snow and deep mud. These are all-terrain tires to cope with slight harshness but are not designed to handle rough terrains.

3. Tread life and Durability

Do you want to buy long-lasting tires? Consider the tread life and durability carefully before buying if you do not want to end up empty-handed. DuraTrac vs. KO2 are both great options in terms of tread life, so there is no clear winner.


Goodrich also claims the high durability and long read life of KO2 tires. They also assure that KO2 can give 60000 to 70000 miles of seamless run without the need to consider replacing. In terms of durability, they are designed in such a way to divide the load throughout the tires equally. With their aggressive design, the KO2 tires can resist cuts, tears, and punctures.


Goodyear wranglers DuraTrac tires owner has claimed long life of tires. According to them, before 75000+ miles, you do not even need to consider replacing them. However, DuraTrac is also equipped with a sturdy tread component that can bear off-road conditions. It shows that they are highly durable.

4. Price

Price is also a pertinent factor to consider while buying the ideal pick. Both companies offer different sizes, so the price also varies accordingly.


KO2 tires give an exceptional performance on the road, but they are comparatively cheaper as compared to DuraTrac.


DuraTrac offers good performance on-road as well as off-road due to its aggressive and broader design. As the performance reflects, it is a bit expensive in comparison to KO2 vs DuraTrac. It can cost you $100 to $150 higher than KO2.

On-Road Performance

Knowing how to handle these tires on road is as important as off-road. Both Duratrac vs. KO2 has different performance, so they have different handling. Having a thorough knowledge of on-road performance will help you handle the tires.

1. On Tarmac and Paved Road

Both tires give excellent performance, as you can expect from all high-end all-terrain tires on paved or tarmac roads. Moreover, the tread pattern of both tires is almost similar and suitable for driving on road smoothly without any hurdle or hindrance.

Furthermore, riding at high speed is my favorite game. However, according to our analysis and experience, the BF Goodrich gives a better on-road performance as compared to DuraTrac.

2. In Winter or Snow

The primary factor of these all-terrain tires is to combat extreme weather while compromising performance. To add to your information, the KO2 tires manufactured by Goodrich come with the 3PMSF symbol. It symbolizes that it is highly functional in the winter season. Moreover, the tire also comprises the sipping feature that enhances the grip and traction ability on snowy and icy roads.

On the other hand, the DuraTrac also gives excellent performance during extreme cold. It gives high competition to KO2, but still, the pattern of Duratrac is not ideal for winter. Hence, it lost the competition with BF Goodrich of traction capability on the snow by a slight margin.

3. In Rain or Wet Roads

As elaborated above, these tires can go easily in extreme weather. Both models have the ability to perform well on wet and rainy roads. However, because of the dissimilarity in the design, DuraTrac has disadvantages compared to BF Goodrich KO2. It has an ergonomic but less effective design.

If you are willing to get all-terrain tires for the best grip on wet roads, then KOS should be your first choice. It is due to its aggressive design that mostly touches the road to offer exceptional grip.

Off-Road performance

Off roads are usually rocky, muddy, and slippery, making it challenging for occasional drivers to handle the vehicle seamlessly. Therefore, the best tires would be a great companion to cross off-road hurdles.

1. On Sand in Dirt

Surprisingly, in this race of Duratrac vs. BF Goodrich KO2, Duratrac wins. Are you curious why? Well, let’s discuss. It won the race because it has a more comprehensive design than the BF Goodrich KO2, which facilitates the DuraTrac to run faster and exceptionally better on the sand.

However, BF Goodrich does not lag much behind. It has incorporated TrachtiveGroove technology that helps provide a better grip on dirt roads and sand. Similar technology has helped the DuraTrac to keep the grip even. Hence, the KO2 is a great performer on the sand but not the best.

If you are looking for the best sand traction tire, you should go with the DuraTrac option.

2. On Mud/Soft Terrains

Both all-terrain tires give tough competition to each other, but BG Goodrich comes with exceptional mud buster bars. This aspect of the tire keeps the sidewall clean and safe from the mud. Therefore, BFG KO2 provides better traction on muddy roads as compared to the DuraTrac.

If we discuss Duratrac capabilities, it is also well equipped to perform well while driving in mud, soft terrains, loose mud, etc. But, due to extra valuable features of the Bf Goodrich KO2 tire make it the best option for those who often drive on muddy roads.

Comparing Within the Brand

Making a comparison between different models of the same brand helps you choose the best model. It enlightens you with the company’s core idea and unique features of a tire. Despite the version or model, you may find the best suitable tire that fulfills your requirement.

Goodrich KO vs. KO2

KO is the previous model of the Goodrich brand. It was a famous, most demanding, and successful model for around 18 years. Therefore it is essential to know the difference between the old and updated model.

The KO2 is a revised and improved version of KO, which was already famous before striking the market. It offers double tread life to the tire on gravel and rough terrain. Moreover, it improves 15% tread life on asphalt and offers outstanding grip on muddy roads and snow, as well as providing resistance to sidewall splitting.

The improved version of KO, KO2, offers better durability with CoreGuard technology. It provides strength to the sidewall to a great extent making it more reliable and stable. This new design ensures improved grip or traction on wet and off-road.

Whenever it comes to traction on snowy or slippery, it is challenging to beat KO2. It is because Goodrich has resolved all drawbacks and complaints of KO. You know, KO tires can easily slide on show, so make sure to replace the previous version with an upgraded one.

Goodyear Adventure vs. Duratrac

Goodyear offers multiple all-terrain tires, including adventure tires and DuraTrac. If you are looking for durable and stable on-road as well off-road tires, you should definitely check out these tires. They are specially made to complement vans, SUVs, and trucks. These tires are available in different sizes.

Adventure tires by Goodyear are highly durable, strong, and long-lasting. It is incorporated with new tread technology that provides tire protection against cuts, punctures, tears, etc. In addition to that, adventure tires are also equipped with Goodyear’s Durawall technology that significantly enhances the sidewall strength.

The adventure tires are one of the best models with systematic patterns that offer more traction because of open blocks, especially during snow and pouring rain conditions. You can drive on roads or off-roads safely and smoothly with these tires.

Indeed, adventure is a powerful tier, but in comparison to DuraTrac, DuraTrac is a manifold better option in terms of traction. It is an expensive but worthy option. However, if you want the cheaper option, you can go for adventure tires.

DuraTrac VS KO2: Which is The Ultimate Winner?

If you have read the thorough comparison of DuraTrac vs KO2, you can notice that both models of these well-reputed companies give a great performance. However, both have their own distinct advantages and disadvantages depending on the situation.

If you are willing to have less noisy, high traction, durable, and ruggedly built tires, BF Goodrich KO2 should be your first choice. Conversely, the Goodyear Wranglers DuraTrac Tire would be a better option if you want the tires with better performance on sand and mud and have longer tread life.

It isn’t easy to place one above the other as both have outstanding performance and have their own benefits. Whether you choose DuraTrac or KO2, both will be a good choice depending on your circumstance and weather conditions.

However, in comparison, KO2 may defeat the DuraTrac with slightly better features and pricing. Whether you are going on a road or off-road journey, you can rely on KO2 because its sturdy construction and durability will never disappoint you. Considering all aspects, the tire is better, even if it is slightly better.

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