5 Best Jeep Wheels for Jeep Wrangler to Buy in 2022: The Ultimate Guide

If you're looking for the best best jeep wheels for jeep Wrangler to buy, look no further! We've got the top 5 products with their features to choose from.

When it comes to upgrading the suitable wheel for the jeep wrangler, what you need for performance goes beyond the visual aesthetics of the wheel and overall jeep’s look. Appearance aesthetics can be compromised over functional ones. A new set of robust wheels offers better durability. Moreover, incorporating better wheels allows you to go for wider and larger tires according to your needs.

If you are setting your jeep wrangler up for serious off-road driving, you would not like the wheels larger than 20 inches. Large wheels are likely to cringe at every rock you come across and are likely to wrap with the tire.

That is why today we will look at in-depth features of some best jeep wheels for a jeep wrangler for both on as well as off-road performance. These wheels are well-known in the market due to their material branding blot pattern etc. let’s get through all of them one by one to find out how they stack against the competition.

5 Best Jeep Rims

1. RockTrix RT105 17-Inch Wheels


·        Color: Matte Black – Matte Bronze

·        Bolt pattern: 5x 5

·        Wheel size: 17 x 9 inches

·        Material: Aluminum

·        Weight: 28 pounds

RockTrix RT105 is high quality and durable rim for your jeep. They are 100% compatible and can serve for ages. The driver will get up to two inches of clearance with these rims, which is definitely excellent news for the off-road enthusiast. It also implies that you will get some extra space for suspension and will not have to pay an extra amount to a third party to make everything fit.

Regarding the construction quality, it isn’t easy to find the match. It comes in a 17 inches wheel formation with a combination of 5 by 5 bolt patterns. Moreover, you will absolutely love the black matt finish with a V-spoke design which makes it stand up the par. With the incorporation of multiple viable features, longevity is not compromised. RT105 gives minimum fluctuations, and you can go on even the toughest terrain as it will play it safe.

If you have tired of balancing the features, you will love RT105 as it supports multiple unique features to bring on the competition. First of all, it adopts a 12mm offset and almost 4.5 inches of backspacing that offers a broader stance without involving a third-party spacer.

It gives maximum inner clearanceNo particular scratch resistance
Operates without external spacer
It features an aggressive style rim jeep offset
Leading durability and reliability
A low-budget set of rims

2. Helo HE878 Wheels


·        Color: Satin black finish

·        Bolt pattern: 5 x 5

·        Wheel size: 17 inches

·        Material: Aluminium

·        Weight: 33.33 pounds

If you are looking for an appealing wheel that offers high-end performance in a quality configuration. It can give a solid competition to premium jeep factory wheels complemented with black finishing acquiring an enhanced feel. For smooth, comfortable, steady drive on bumpy and rough roads, the HE878 wheel can be a safe choice.

As compared to other high-end wheels, it is a budget-oriented wheel that requires minimum investment. This classic-looking wheel follows top-notch ergonomics. It comes in two finishes, including gloss black and plain chrome, following the same pattern. It has an eight-spoke design that is accompanied by a covered center cap. With these covering, you will not have to get extra adjustments.

Helo878 has a multi-spoke design that provides robust protection against wear and tears in the long journey and harsh weather. For the user who requires rims with an aggressive stance, you will not regret considering it. They are slightly upward angled and are comparatively wider than their traditional counterparts. Overall, it is the best jeep wheel that ensures security with one year warranty.

Come in great shape and well packagedTrivial problems with the hub caps
Features multiple configurations
Lifetime structural
Equally steady performance off and on-road
Heavy-duty construction

3. Trailmaster Steel Wheels


·        Color: Black Glossy

·        Bolt pattern: 5 x 5

·        Wheel size: 15 x 8 inches

·        Material: Alloy steel

·        Weight: 28 pounds

Trail master stands in the list of the best jeep wrangler wheel. These are the all-new set of black alloy steel wheels in various sizes and backspacing. Moreover, they are super affordable. You’re mistaken if you think they have compromised on quality and features to keep the price below the bar. They have maintained high quality by using the finest material. The addition of durable flat as well as glossy black powder coating and unique production equipment to produce a superior quality wheel.

People passionate about their vehicle to dot the best in harsh weather and every road’s think and thin can go for trail master. Wheels serve a practical function, but the trail master series is stylish due to their high-quality construction. They have a rugged appeal to make the jeep look tougher and new.

While ensuring the vehicle’s look, quality and price are also essential to consider. These wheels are engineered with durable, high-quality steel to allow it can handle whatever nature and earth put in the way. They ensure to offer you valuable features at an affordable price. These are the ideal choice for people who want a plethora of features at an affordable price.

Super affordableCaps are a bit week
Appealing aesthetics
Heavy-duty construction

4. Pro Comp Series 69 Alloy Wheels


·        Color: Flat Black

·        Bolt pattern: 5 inches

·        Wheel size:  15 inches

·        Material: aluminum alloy

·        Weight: 16 pounds

Jeep wheels and rims come in a wide range of shapes and sizes, but not all of them have the ability to endure harsh off-road. If you are an off-road enthusiast, you would definitely love this product. Pro chomp alloys series 69 has been producing some quality rims and tires for jeep wranglers loved by buyers.

Pro chomp series 69 are the best-looking jeep rims at affordable prices that provide mobility and precision. Its matt black finish offers a sleek yet elegant look to the overall jeep. It does not stick too much, but it is still hard to clean. But you do not need to bother as long as you do not drive it in gloomy conditions.

Like all top-notch jeep wheel, pro chomp alloys series 69 features some unique feature that separates it from others. It is designed under low-casting technology, which keeps them durable in the long run. Moreover, its rims are unique brake grippers. If you are an off-road driver, this feature will suit you. their lightweight aluminum alloy construction keeps you running in no time.

Highly compatible with most jeepsA bit short on backspacing
It is lightweight
Perfect for off-road driving
Brake efficient
Ergonomic black jeep rims

5. RockTrix RT105 17 inch


·        Color: Black Matte

·        Bolt pattern: 5 x 4.5 inches

·        Wheel size: 17 inches

·        Material: Aluminium

·        Item weight: 26 pounds

Do you find it challenging to find a wheel that perfectly fits your jeep? Check out RockTrix wheels. They are compatible with many models. It includes jeep 1987 – 2066 wrangler, 1980 -2001 Cherokee XJ, and 1993 – 1998 Grand Cherokee. From mall crawling to 4 wheels, these wheels will roam around in style. Engineered to withstand the harsh condition of off and on-road drives.

They are the best jeep wrangler with T wheels and YJ rims providing an aggressive offset. It offers you up to 2.5 inches of extra inner clearance according to your OEM jeep wheels. They are ideal for assisting you in conquering the toughest trail and rough terrains.

Despite the incorporation of fantastic features, it does not compromise visual aesthetics. It has a one-piece aluminum construct with a matte black finish with a tough clear-coat to endure harsh weather. Moreover, the 5 V-spoke design sport style enhances durability and reliability. Whether you drive on paved or rough rocky roads, these wheels will never disappoint you.

High compatibilityCost-effective when brought new
No spacers are required for extra spacing
Heavy-duty construction

Things to consider before buying Jeep Rims


Most wheelers ignore the importance of bolt pattern, but it undoubtedly holds tremendous significance in structure, durability, and reliability. The bolt pattern displays the lug position in a circular format. Therefore every track and jeep wrangler has a specific design that helps mount the rim to the wheel hub. We recommend you look for the exact bolt design of your factory wheel. It will give you the perfect fit necessary to ensure safety.

·       COST:

If you do not want to spend some extra cash on the thing you can buy for fewer prices, check the price of different model brands with similar specifications. It is a crucial factor for both wheel and tires. Usually, the larger rims are more expensive compared to the smaller ones. Similarly, the principle applies to all other components of the product. Moreover, the rims of the well-known brand will cost you a bit more than their traditional counterparts, but they also stand on their price tag.


Matching the width and size to a particular tire is a simple task as long as you have the time to pay full attention. Every wheel has a different size and width. Some are specifically designed for trucks and SUVs, while others perfectly fit cars and bikes. Moreover, some tires are excellent for off-road driving, while others perform excellently on the road. This is not the case that you cannot shoehorn a tire on a different sized rim, but you should be cautious while choosing. In order to ensure your safety, we recommend following the manufacturer’s guide. However, you can use the Jeep tire pressure monitoring system, whichever one you choose.

·       OFFSET

Here things get a bit technical as every wheel has a backspace measurement and offset, apart from the bolt pattern. Basically, these are the pertinent numbers for those who are planning to add kits like body life, lift kit.

Offset is the measurement recorded from the mounting pad to the centerline of Jeep or car. The lower the offset, the further the outward it will mount, which is actually beneficial for jeep lifters. On the other hand, backspacing is the distance observed from the mounting pad following the inner edge of wheel. Less backspace of the tire indicates it protrudes less into the wheel and reduces the risk of rubbing. 

All manufacturers list the measurements of every part is listed. Therefore, you can easily compare and contrast them to your respective suspension.

·       Material

Jeep wheels are divided into two categories depending on the build material: alloy and steel. Alloy wheels are generally considered ideal for those who use the paved road for traveling. They are lightweight, making them much more convenient to start and stop the jeep. Less weight also shows minimum pressure on your components offering suspension and the ability to dissolve heat from brake parts.

On the other hand, steel wheels are ideal for off-road because these rims are heavier, durable, more uniform, and affordable as compared to alloy rims. It shows that the rim’s material also varies according to the condition. Therefore, do not ignore this factor by considering it trivial.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Beadlock vs. NonBeadlock? Which is better?

Beadlock wheels are not the must-have things unless you are taking on di cults of di cult trails. Beadlock wheels are functional wheels as they can run at extremely low tire pressure with minimal risk of rolling. However, it is expensive, and most are not legal to drive on the highway. If you just want Beadlock tires, many options are available that will offer you the lock you want while being legal.

2. What rims look good on a Jeep Wrangler?

RockTrix RT105 looks absolutely stunning and makes the jeep visually appealing. You will love the black matt finishing, which compensates the sporty look you need on your ride. Moreover, the features v-shaped design enhances its aesthetics.

3. How do I choose wheels for my Jeep?

Every jeep features different sizes of wheels. However, wheels have a standard size. You can read the manufacturers’ descriptions to select the wheel that would fit perfectly. Moreover, determine whether you often go off-road or stay on-road, and choose the wheel’s material accordingly.

4. What is the biggest tire I can put on a stock Jeep rim?

The biggest diameter of the jeep wrangler wheel with stock suspension that you can put on is 35 inches.

5. What rims are compatible with Jeep?

It is essential to evaluate if the wheel fits the jeep or not. In order to figure out what size of tires will fit your vehicle, you need to observe and analyze the sticker plate near the side door. Moreover, you can also head over to any online tool to determine compatibility.

6. What Make the Best Wheels for Jeep Wrangler?

The durability, material, and performance are the primary factor to bring on the competition in the market. They make the jeep wheel give a long run on the smooth as well as a bumpy path without disappointment.

7. Are all Jeep wheels the same bolt pattern?

Mostly, jeep wheels have the same bolt pattern of 5 x 5, but some models have a 5 x 4 bolt pattern. Therefore, all jeep wheels do not follow the same bolt pattern.

8. What size are stock jeep rims?

There are different sizes available in the market, but the stock jeep rims size is around 15 x 7 inches. However, you can also confirm the size of stock jeep rims by taking measurements yourself. 

9. Will Jeep Wrangler tires fit a Grand Cherokee?

Yes, jeep wrangler rims will fit on a Jeep Grand Cherokee without making any changes. It is because the pattern and other measurements are similar among jeep and Cherokee. 

10. Will Jeep rims fit on a Toyota?

No. Despite the jeep’s same bolt pattern as Toyota 2WD, they still do not fit perfectly. 

11. Will JK wheels fit a wk2?

Yes, they can fit. JK wheels have different sizes, so 11 – 15 Grand Cherokee and 13 – 15 wranglers can fit wk2.

12. Are jeep steel rims worth the investment?

Steel rings are ideal for on-road journeys, long or short drives. Black jeep rim steel configuration is one of the number one choices for many jeep wranglers. They are pretty durable, reliable, and often maintain the aggressive look of the wheel.

Final Verdict: So, Which are The Best Jeep Rims For Your Jeep Wrangler?

When going on the drive, whether on-road or off-road, you need to ensure that you have the best wheel under your jeep. There are a large number of wheels available in the market, different from each other depending on their appearance, build quality, specification, and appearance.

However, we recommend RockTrix RT105 17-Inch Wheels for a long drive on the well-paved path. It is lightweight, making it efficient while accelerating and applying brakes. Moreover, you get the set of 4 wheels in the package for a reasonable price.

On the other hand, if you often go on the off-road path to reach the destination, we recommend Trailmaster Steel Wheel. They are heavyweight as compared to the aluminum wheel. They offer you the best grip on the rocky path, ensuring your safety.

Both wheels offer great performance on their respective path. Their notable specification and advantage have won the title to be the best.

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